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Kagetsu & Tiara
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A8 C3
Standard size

No Background

Added 9/22/2002
Updated 9/22/2002
Kind of a funky set-up. I bought 2 cels from this sequence with the intention of pairing them up differently... In one cel Tiara had her eyes open and Kagetsu had them shut... in the other cel it was the exact opposite! So I bought them both, and was just going to swap them for scanning purposes, but alas, they are both hopelessly stuck. *boohoo* So I simply "digitally" swapped the images to create one harmonious "Eyes Open" cel! ^_^

On a side note... I think Kagetsu kind of looks like a big spooky alien in this shot! And something funky is going on with the top of Tiara's shirt.

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Curator: skaphrodite
Gallery Created: 1/17/2002
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