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Source: TV
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Original Unmatching Background

Added 7/24/2002
Updated 8/30/2002
Not much can be said about this DBZ section of my gallery, except maybe that it contains LOTS of GREEN! *hehehe* Dragonball drive me nuts, but Piccolo is the one tolerable character in the entire series... He hates everyone else on the show just as much as I do! ^_^ He's just a great no-nonsense kinda guy.

As for the background, I have no idea if it's matching or not. It's a chalk BG, and was badly stuck to the cel when I got it. I pretty much ruined it when I seperated the two, but the purple chalk color was starting to seep through the cel paint! Yipes! I had to save my little Piccolo!

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Curator: skaphrodite
Gallery Created: 1/17/2002
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